European Digital University
Digital Education Holdings Ltd. operates the European Digital University (EDU), Europe's most innovative digital learning system. 

As an Institution of Higher Education in the European Union, the European Digital University is currently preparing for the launch of two fully-accredited online University Degree Programmes. Those are powered by its award-winning Candena digital learning platform: 
  1. In cooperation with high-end teaching hospitals worldwide, the Bachelor in Medicine will launch in Q4 of 2018. 
  2. The Master Programme in Education is expected to follow in 2019. 
In parallel, Digital Education Holdings Ltd. continues to provide tailor-made vocational programmes for world-renowned clients, as well as white-label academic programming for public and private institutions globally. 

These include pisa4u, as well as ThinkIntegration, which are being offered alongside OECD.

EDU is a joint initiative of Digital Education Holdings Ltd. with the European Medical College Ltd., Candena Digital Education Limited, and Candena GmbH. 
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